UnkNOW Live Stream Festival

Opening Friday 7/12:  19:00



“If we could only catch up with the wave of information… we would, at last, be in the now… to digest and comprehend [its] totality would amount to having reality on tap as if from a fantastic media control room capable of monitoring everything, everywhere, all at the same time.” – Douglas Rushkoff, Present Shock

unkNOW is an international live stream festival based in Oslo. As a symptom of digital culture, streaming is the emphasis which defines relations between spatial and temporal distances. While the rapid-fire absorption of media overtaking our experience of the physical world, unkNOW creates a space to explore the complexities of internet culture and how we connect through the digital intimacy of performance and visual art.

On December 7, unkNOW will bring together works from Beijing-, London-, NYC- and Oslo-based performance and media artists, incorporating broadcasts and television taping events, live stream and physical performances, media art and music, which explore power structures of hyperconnected society, televisual language, surveillance and the relationship between the human and a machine.

Karen Nikgol (NOR)
Funa Ye & Beio (CHN)
Yoke Collective (UK)
Josse Thuresson & Karin Keisu (SWE)
Lesia Vasylchenko (UKR)
Magnus Andreas Hagen Olsen (NOR)

In addition to the physical event, the works will be documented and presented as an online exhibition December 10th – January 13th at www.unknow.online.

UNKNOW is an online environment for interdisciplinary exchange between young artists, guest curators and academics. It is an open-format space for displaying works and research-based projects dedicated to digital culture, philosophy, and media.






Kunstnernes Hus, Wergelandsveien 17, Oslo


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December 3, 2018
Written by Akademirommet