The Manifesto Writers & the Manifesto: a Medley

Jan Verwoert

Performance March 13, 19:00


Your special attention is requested for a message of vital importance. Which means… boy, oh boy, what a Manifesto! Which means… man, oh man there’s never been anything like it! Which means… The Writers have done it again! The most hideous Manifesto of the last five years becomes the most hyperreal Medley of the next five! And just look who’s in it… 6 boneless higher-welfare chicken breasts or thighs, skin on, each quartered. There’s nothing wrong with them that a nice quiet romance can’t cure. And wait ’til you see The Manifesto. It makes Frankenstein look like a Glamour Boy! And the Medley which had broadway on its ears for two long years. Gross, colourful, dazzling. Only the greatest Writers of them all could bring you such a vulgar evening. Take their word for it “It’s the most entropic performance you’ll ever see!”

 “The Manifesto Writers & the Manifesto: a Medley” is Jan Verwoert and students from Academy of Fine Art Oslo//fra Kunstakademiet i Oslo





Kunstnernes Hus, Wergelandsveien 17, Oslo

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13.03.2015 Jan Verwoert and his students after performance

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February 5, 2015
Written by Akademirommet