Friday October 5th @ 20:00 FREE ENTRANCE

20:00 GENELEC Speakers Unboxing
20:15 Welcome Speech
20:30 Concert
21:00 Questions Panel
21:10 Goodbye Speech

We established the SNAIL HOSPITAL TRUST and the SNAIL HOSPITAL FOUNDATION thanks to gracious donors and art lovers like yourselves. We wish to set up a SNAIL SANCTUARY where snails can spend the rest of their days without fear or exploitation. We established the SNAIL HOSPITAL FOUNDATION to further our commitment to these single-footed creatures whom the creative community has not embraced as they once did the horseshoe crab and the octopus. A concert in celebration of 1.5 years trying to hear the hidden music from locked speakers. Good Speakers a Light for The Moth, and a Benefit for A Cause. Thanks to GENEROUS SUPPORT from animal lovers like yourself thousands of SNAILS are involved in a large-scale rescue operation from an escargot farm in France. The soft bodied animals are sensitive but also strong with a broad flat muscular foot that can be used to close their shell. Snails have one lung, a simple lung that can be opened and closed by a muscular valve. The closing helps reduce water loss. Snails have an open circulatory system with a two-chambered heart. The Snail has no hearing as we know it but can sense vibration and moves using ripples of muscle contraction down its foot. Snails are not neither nor either / or gender, but most are rather both. Most of the big land snails you see wandering around southern California, called California garden snails, are from Europe and were intentionally introduced to California to eat as food. Please join us in celebration and in support of the Snail Hospital Foundation and Snail Hospital Trust Fund this Friday October 5th starting at 20:00 with Free Entrance and drinks by donation. HJERTELIG VELKOMMEN



Kunstnernes Hus, Wergelandsveien 17, Oslo


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October 3, 2018
Written by Akademirommet