Sensing Time: On Temporalities, Rhythms and Memories

Opening Tuesday 20th. of Match at 19.00

Vika Adutova, Emma Astner Jansson, Emel Bayat, Zoi Johansson, Kjetil Detroit Kristensen, Emma Leigh,  Niels Munk Plum, Nathalie Fuica Sanchez, Evelin Sillén, Martine Stenberg, Kim Svensson, Elisavet-Sofia Theochari, Liza Kerstin Anna Trulsson, Lesia Vasylchenko
… When the watch is worn about the neck it lies in proximity to the less regular beating of the heart. … (p.57) … time might be measured by ‘rice-cooking’ (about half an hour) or ‘the frying of a locust’ (a moment). … [or by] saying ‘the man died in less than the time in which maize is not yet completely roasted’ (less than fifteen minutes). … (p.58) … For we are now at a point where sociologists are discussing the ‘problem’ of leisure. And a part of the problem is: how did it come to be a problem? … (p.95) … ––E.P. Thompson, Time, Work-Discipline, and Industrial Capitalism, 1967.
How do today’s temporal dimensions affect the way we understand a work or practice? How do artists intervene with the experience of time, embrace rhythms or offer changes in the practicing of relationships in a sense that temporality becomes a strategy of resistance as well as place for empathy?
The group presentations at Akademirommet derive from the discussion in the context of the course Sensing Time: On Temporalities, Rhythms and Memories led by Rike Frank and Saskia Holmkvist.




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March 16, 2018
Written by Akademirommet