Pretty Potential

Linea H Liukku

Public event: Tuesday 8th May 19-21 and
Wednesday 9th May 19-21

Pink Petal, scanned 2017, Linea H Liukku



Hej igen!

What do you say about this proposal:
Meet me in Akademirommet on May 8-9 (I believe it was)
to create a wor(l)d together inside the space – You, Me and Any Other Qualified Bitch,
Landing on the alien terrain and creating our first camp. It’s a borrowed piece of land, and we are refuges or maybe travellers
Creating together some kind of sketch/prototype/scene

Unleash (?) CrEAtiviTY.
Eat PICNICS in magical forests
Share stories
Iterate ideas
Have a party
Strive to create a space where CONTACT is possible
Or where we give up striving and simply be
Having picnic

Fallande poddar genom atmosfären. Med varsitt lastat bagage fyllt av det vi tyckte var viktigast möts vi i en landningsceremoni. Därefter börjar vi kanske bygga?

Det är mitt förslag. Får det dig att yla ut i natten? Vill du bli min flock?

Participating Qualified Bitches:
Aurelia Frances
Cia Eriksson
Linea H Liukku
Milena Katalinic
Salka Hellbacka
och förhoppningsvis Du!

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Varmt välkommen! Welcome! Velkommen! Wilkommen! Bienvenue!

Linea H Liukku is a stipend holder of one of the Fondet for kunst- og designstudenter (FKDS) grant studios. 



Kunstnernes Hus, Wergelandsveien 17, Oslo


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April 30, 2018
Written by Akademirommet