Picture, guards to guard

Open: Monday, November 6, 2017  from 6 to 8pm

Fra utstillingen «Livets dans. Samlingen fra antikken til 1950». Foto: Børre Høstland / Nasjonalmuseet borrowed from: http://www.nasjonalmuseet.no

A visit starts the process, and results in a series of meetings that lead to some reading and more discussions while trying to clear an occupied space, followed by the sudden question: how do we relate to exhibiting? Join us for an evening with participants of the course exhibition practice and invited artists.


Picture, guards to guard

Smile similar epoch or trace back to minimal epic turtle you mentioned last tutorial and that’s that and then infant death national arid acid scapediget.


“Picture this: a gentleman, tired and overheated, reclines at his ease on a great circular divan. The commodious ottoman sits at the center of the Salon Carré in the Louvre, our visitor taking possession of its softest spot. With hat, opera glass, and guidebook thrown down beside him, the man lounges listlessly, his attention strained, his vision dazzled. His eyes wander from the paintings, focusing instead on the innumerable young female copyists sitting on high stools and reproducing the masters. On his stroll through the Louvre, our week-kneed lover of the fine arts suffers from Bädeker fatigue, retreating to the museum divan to relieve ‘an aesthetic headache.’” (Henry James, The American, 1877)


Iris Nelly Matilda Bengtson ★ Jaksha Ghana Nagarasa ★ Benedicte Sundkvist Beldam ★ Hanne Nilsen Nygård ★ Jonatan Nilsson ★ Emma Astner Jansson ★Kim Svensson ★ Luca Sørheim ★ Triva Linda Shahin ★ Rike Frank


Kunstnernes Hus, Wergelandsveien 17, Oslo


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October 31, 2017
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