PI: Live Laboratory

PI (The Performance Inquisition Oslo) will be taking over the Academy Room at Kunstnernes Hus for a nine day live laboratory, integrating themselves into the working environment of the Academy Room.

Throughout the open residency PI will open up the doors inviting you to share lunch and watch the space transform. Here PI will make evident what has been developed during the day, officially opening the doors to the test environment where the social space of lunch and the laboratory of art and performance intertwine.

The accumulation of activity developed over the 9 day laboratory will be brought together for an evening event (Friday 31 January) that finalizes the period; a closing party, a big bang, an exhibition in reverse, closing its door, here all the work made is collected in the same space to react simultaneously.

Schedule of events:
23 January 12.00-14.00: Open Lunch (Thursday)
24 January 12.00-14.00: Open Lunch (Friday)
27 January 12.00-14.00: Open Lunch (Monday)
28 January 12.00-14.00: Open Lunch (Tuesday)
29 January 12.00-14.00: Open Lunch (Wednesday)
30 January 12.00-14.00: Open Lunch (Thursday)

Friday 31 January 20.00-22.00: Live Closing Event

“There is no such thing as an empty space or an empty time. There is always something to see, something to hear. In fact, try as we may to make a silence, we cannot” – John Cage

PI (The Performance Inquisition Oslo) was established in 2013 at the Oslo National Academy of the Arts by the Academy of Fine Art students to encourage more dialogue and action involving performance within the Academy and Oslo.

The Performance Inquisition Oslo


Photo credit: Istvan Virag


January 21, 2014
Written by Akademirommet