opening march 13 at 18.00-21.00
 open march 14-17 at 15.00-18.00
Best Art Corporation is the industry’s leader of collaborative art making. What do we make? Anything and everything, regardless of obscurity! We combine uniqueness with the production-line process. We offer environment friendly art solutions customized for your taste. Best Art Corporation practically invented the term “targeted art making”. It sounds like a crazy idea, but it’s true!


March 11, 2018
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59°54’41”N 10°45’28”E

Opening, Wednesday, February 21 at 19:00
Open to the public Thursday-Sunday 14-18 until 2nd of March 2018

Guided tour and conversation on March 2, 2018 on the
occasion of the Public Seminar Putting Rehearsals to the Test
(with Sabeth Buchmann, Ilse Lafer, Constanze Ruhm, …, tba)

Interior of Louise Dany, “Let’s talk about what we don’t know.” scanned 120mm negative

A project by Pietro Consolandi in dialogue with Asmaa Barakat (1MA), David Tobias Bonde Jensen (1BA), Hedda Grevle Ottesen (1MA), Maja Pauline Haugsgjerd (1MA), Espen Iden (1MA) Espen Kvålsvoll (1MA), Valgerdur Yr Magnusdottir, Magnus Myrtveit (1MA), Øyvind Sørfjordmo (2MA), Lesia Vasylchenko (1BA)

59°54’41”N 10°45’28”E (the geographical coordinates of Oslo) is a group show and artistic/curatorial experiment that – drawing inspiration from Lucy Lippard’s Numbers Shows – brings together in a five-months long process 10 artists and students based in the city, an artist run space and a curator, an MA exchange student visiting from Venice. The participants come from Norway, Iceland, Denmark, Ukraine, Egypt and Italy and met in Oslo in August 2017.


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February 19, 2018
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Sofie Amalie Andersen

Opening Friday 9th. of February at 18.00
Open Monday – Friday from 12-16

Sofie Amelie Andersen 2017

In an article discussing the novel “The painted Room” by Danish author Inger Christensen, the journalist refers to a conversation he had about the German translation of the book. The stories in the novel take place in 15th century Italy, and circulate around the fresco work made by Andrea Mantegna, in the bedroom of the Duke of Mantua, Ludovico Gonzago.


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January 20, 2018
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