KAKA – Innvielse av Akademirommet
Åpning fredag 15. november kl. 20.00

Wanderers of land and sea
For an idea we leave our beloved ones
Our country is the whole world
Our law is the liberty
Rebellion beats in our hearts

Its a joy to be alive
Its good to be glad
Its good to survive
Its great to be mad

Its fun to have nothing
Do things in the nude
Oh its sweet to be hungry
Its fingerlicking good

Its a joy to be crazy
its good to be sad
Its good to be lazy
Its great to be bad

Its good to be lucky
Its good to practice deadly sin
To die for a cause
To be alive and to win

Deltakende kunstnere/participating artists:
Alan Armstrong/Emma Brack/Ronny Faber Dahl/Stian Hansen/Vikram Uchida-Khanna/Ane Kvåle/Solveig Lønseth/Endre Mathistad/Mimmi Mattila/Andreas Öhman/Andreas Olavssønn Rongen/Celia Perrin Sidarous/Anders Smebye.




November 26, 2013
Written by Akademirommet