His Great Breakthrough

Peter Horneland

Opening Tuesday, November 1, 19.00-22.00


Picture: Hieronymus Bosch – The Garden of Earthly Delights, exterior cabinet doors (closed)

“All art is exorcism.”
― Otto Dix

 “It has been well and truly said that in the exoteric church the ceremony is performed by one person for the benefit of the congregation; but in the Lodge the ceremony is performed by the congregation for the benefit of one person.”
― Dion Fortune, Esoteric Orders and Their Work and The Training and Work of the Initiate, 1995

“I think to make art is to make a break. And to make a cut. This would be the simplest way of answering your question.”
― Mladen Dolar, interview,

His Great Breakthrough
Opening by Peter Horneland

The gallery will be opened, and then made available to visitors Nov. 1. 19.00-22.00

Peter Horneland (1985-     ), visual artist and vitki, engages spatiality and sacrality, recursiveness, complex systems and time, through installation, performance, sculpture and digital art. He lives and works under several pseudonyms in Oslo, Norway, where he studies at the Oslo National Academy of Fine Arts.

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Kunstnernes Hus, Wergelandsveien 17, Oslo


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October 26, 2016
Written by Akademirommet