Dancing around the so-so

Opening: Thursdag November 29th 19.00-22.00
Also open Friday, Saturday, and Sunday November 30th – December 1th


dancing around/the medium, dancing around time/middle/fear/moderate/ordinary/form, dancing in a hamster wheel, run of the mill, escaping the hamster wheel, dacing around (form), dancing around so-so, dancing. around.

going around the medium/mediorcre/the norm. movement/not static. the action of trying to. we want to not be static, we want to dance. group dynamic. “awkward quote”, terningkast, peoples expectations, let’s stay in the so-so, the inbetween-ness


A collaboration between students from the Oslo Academy of Fine Art. Vernissage Thursday 29.11. 19:00-22:00 at Akademirommet (located on the back of Kunstnernes hus). Refreshments will be served.

The exhibition will be open until Sunday 02.12. You are welcome during hours 12.00-15:00.

Martin Dušek
John Johansson
Luca Sørheim
Mikael Bakketun
Iris April Andresen
Hedda Grevle Ottesen
Alfred Julius Hølmebakk Brekke
Noah Carlsen Sullivan
Agnes Erika Gausdal Larsen
Magnus Kaurin




Kunstnernes Hus, Wergelandsveien 17, Oslo


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November 28, 2018
Written by Akademirommet