Kol kim? // Who is the arm?


Opening Friday 10.03 kl. 19.00

Open  Saturday/Sunday 11-12.03 kl. 13-16.00   




Akademirommet presents an exhibition by Isabelle Hjortfors, 
Espen Kvålsvoll, John Johanson, Esra Duzen Sandemose, 
Kim Laybourn, Marthe H S Dahl and Kjersti Austdal.



Something has to burn to keep us from the cold.

Use your eyes to open the locked hearts…

February 28, 2017
Written by Akademirommet

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Nomadic Impressions

Thursday 23.02.2017, 19:00
Akademirommet/Kunstnernes Hus



/event or development that marks a turning point or a phase/

/anatomical structure used as a point of orientation in locating other structures/

/wandering from place to place without a fixed pattern of movement/

/strong effect produced upon the intellect, feelings, and consciousness /


mer her / full text here



February 23, 2017
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Dreams and fictions

Miriam Myrstad

Opening Monday, December 12,


There’s a story by Borges called “The Circular Ruins”. It’s about a stranger who wishes to create a man by dreaming him. There’s also a girl who thinks about it sometimes. Not actively, that wouldn’t be her style, but once in a while, in the midst of things, making a coffee or bagging office supplies for a customer, it will pass through her mind. She works in a bookstore in the outskirts of the city centre, that murky area in every city the locals still refer to as central, but which tourists and newcomers insist on calling “all the way out there”.

mer her / full text here

December 7, 2016
Written by Akademirommet

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